Stonka Roaster 5 kg

$23,850.00+ GST *

5 kg
Gas output:
15-22 kW
Gas type:
15 mm BSP
Gas pressure:
2.5 kPa
Electrical supply:
Single phase 15 amps
360 kg
6 adjustable feet with 32x32 mm box
16 mm front plate
16 mm back plate
1.2 mm stainless steel panels and insulation backing
Clean out tray
S/S Counterweight opening door
50 mm sight glass
25 mm stainless steel sampler
Enclose chaff collector and drop box at back of roaster

350x500 mild steel construction with paddles and mixers
32 mm shaft with taper loc and stand off high temp bearings and housings
Perforated end plate
Shaft cover
1.1 kW reduction gearbox drive with VFD drive
3 Stonka ribbon burners
SIT 3 way pilot
SIT electrode
BA1 controller
Ignition transformer ID 1156
20 mm control solenoid
10 mm pilot solenoid
Safety cut off solenoid
Omron temperature display controller with krom shroader MOD gas valve
Inverter drive controller for drum 0-60 Hz
Run on timer for drum
Air pressure switch
VFD controller on exhaust air fan
Count down timer
Control cabinet on movable pendant arm left or right configuration
Emergency stop button
Digital bean/air te
Cooling tray:
700 mm diameter cooling tray
1.1 kW 2 pole fan and motor
Cooling fan @ 5.001/S
150 mm high sides
Front discharge door
2.2 kW reduction motor with 3 arms @38 RPM
Outlet connections:
Cooling tray 125 mm
Roaster 100 mm

Our price for a Stonka Model 5/550 is 23,850 + GST.
50% deposit required to confirm the order.

* We have not allowed for:

  • installation
  • commissioning
  • chimneys
  • electrical or
  • local Council consents
  • cyclone and husk collector
  • freight
  • afterburner
  • fluctuations of the NZ dollar Exchange rate – NZD1.00 = €0.57